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General Knife Community Discussion Boards Custom Knife Community Discussion Boards Production Knife Community Discussion Boards Knife Network :: School of Knife Making Knife and Supply :: For-Sale Forums Knife Network : User Support Forums - Custom Knife Discussion - Custom Knife Discussion is dedicated to providing a forum where the knife enthusiast can meet to discuss the industry, politics, and personal experiences, in a intelligent and non-combative way. All members are encouraged to, "sign their name to their posts". We welcome all who are interested in expanding their knowledge and sharing their experiences.

Sharpening Made Easy
Discuss Sharpening Made Easy with the author and other readers

How To Sharpen
HOW TO SHARPEN Saws and Tools. Hand Saws, Carbide Saws, Band Saws, Dado Sets, Shaper Cutters, Router Bits, Circular Saws, Saw Chain, Axes, Back Saws, Bow Saws, Hole Saws, Cleavers, Drill Bits, Edger Blades, Hedge Clippers, Hoes, Shears, Planes, Hatchet, Kiser Blades, Knives, Lathe Tools, Machetes, Meat Blades, Mower Blades, Pinking Shears, Pizza Cutters, Pruning Saws, Scissors, Shovels, Sling Blades, Tin Snips and Wood Chisels. Please ask about things that you would like to learn or your problems. The people who are experienced can answer the questions. We can also, talk about the machines that we like or dis-like. Maybe prices or where we buy our supplies and why we buy it from that company. How do you hammer a saw?.....well?....there are different methods. I am sure that I left something out, so I will be adding things to this group description as we go along. Have A Good Sharpening Day :-).

Sharpening Knives, Tools, Razors, etc
Yahoo Group
This group is dedicated to general sharpening. Knives, scissors, razors, tools, etc. Other groups that may be of interest are SharpNet for professional sharpeners, HowTo Sharpen, TormekUsers and SharpeningMadeEasy. Join and share your experience! Share resources for hones, whetstones, files, steels, sandpaper, sharpening systems, leather strops, sharpening coumpounds, etc.